To explain who we are and what we stand for, we need to start with you. Because before we were us, we were you.

Confused? We promise it will make sense soon.

Before we were us, we were you

Roughly 6 years ago, our founder was looking for a health insurance policy. He spent hours researching his options, populating a comprehensive spreadsheet, and cross referencing his own research with comparisons made on all of the popular comparison websites that advertise on TV. But despite his best efforts, he bought a policy that ended up costing him a fortune, while covering him for the things he didn’t need and leaving him exposed on the things he did need.

Roughly 3 years ago, he decided to switch insurers to get more suitable coverage. You can judge the success of that endeavour yourself – he ended up on a policy that covered him for pregancy, which drove the premiums up significantly. (Don’t be so quick to laugh – if you’re a male on a couples policy that has pregnancy cover, there’s a good chance you’re in the same boat!)

Why we became us

We became ‘us’ because we were convinced that finding the right policy didn’t need to be so difficult. We knew there were already a number of comparison websites that were helping people select policies, but we’d found them to be frustratingly unhelpful. As it turns out, so did a lot of other people!

We noticed that these comparison websites usually had a similar business model and way of operating. This all but guaranteed that when someone went looking for a recommendation they could trust on these websites, they weren’t going to get it.

So rather than copying our competitors, we set about re-thinking the entire policy comparison and recommendation process. We’ve come up with a totally different approach that delivers trustworthy and reliable recommendations in a simple and intuitive format.

Want to know more about what makes us different?

  • Human experts

    We leverage real-life experts with deep product knowledge (both at insurely and at insurance companies), who review your needs and make personalised recommendations

  • Known and trusted brands

    We compare leading insurance companies – the same ones you would compare if you were doing your own comparison. Gone are the days where you’re recommended a policy from an obscure insurer just because they’re paying a commission to be shown

  • We respect your privacy

    Getting a policy recommendation shouldn’t mean you receive an aggressive sales call the minute you hit ‘submit’, and another 4,000 emails a day. Until you’re ready, insurers never see your personal details. You only give us your phone number if you want an insurer to contact your directly, and we never spam you

  • Intuitive

    We’ve made the comparison process simpler. Rather than needing to decode a giant comparison table, you’re given a brief personalised write-up on why the policy has been recommended. It’s as simple as that

  • Recommendations

    The problem with most comparison websites is that that’s all they do – they compare. But when it comes to making a decision, they offer little in the way of insights or recommendations. Everything we do is geared towards giving you insights, and genuine recommendations

  • No commissions

    Most comparison websites make money from commissions. This means that they only show you policies they make money from, which is why you’re often shown brands you never would have compared yourself, and are never shown some of the first brands you would normally consider. We don’t take commissions, and our recommendations are based only on what we think are the best policies for you