Do You Need Insurance?

Deciding whether you need private health insurance can be tricky, and it can be hard to find information you can trust. We’re often asked whether it’s ‘worth it’ to be insured, so we’ve put together this guide to help you work your way through this challenging question.

In our experience, there is rarely a black and white answer. With the exception of the tax benefits of insurance, the reasons to get or not to get insurance are subjective. We’ve made sure you are armed with the facts, expert opinions and unconvential wisdom – using this free resource, you can be confident that whatever decision you make, you will make it for the right reasons.

There are 9 key themes that we have identified, and we recommend you work your way through the themes in order. If you’d prefer to explore a specific topic you can do that as well. Click on the icons below to start exploring.

  • The alternative

    What kind of protection do you have when you don't have insurance?

  • Tax

    Understanding the penalties and incentives for private health insurance

  • Waiting lists

    How insurance helps you skip the public hospital waiting queue

  • Choice of doctor

    The practical implications of insurance when it comes to choosing your doctor

  • Where you live

    Are you living somewhere that allows you to take advantage of being insured?

  • Your health

    How likely are you to actually use your insurance, and what will you use it for?

  • Comfort

    How insurance can make your hospital stay that little bit more comfortable

  • Lifetime Health Cover loading

    Not being insured today may have financial implications tomorrow

  • Understanding the gap

    What insurance actually looks like when it comes time to claim

IlanDo you need insurance?